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Fidelis Fintech: Simplifying Loyalties and Rewards Programs


Fintech is one of the most rapidly growing segments in the financial services sector and these tech start-ups and new market entrants are visibly disrupting the functioning of the traditional industry and market performance. Fintech services through these disrupting companies have eventually augmented a competitive scenario that is growing every day. Fidelis Fintech has ushered a convergence of global transformative opportunities, solutions, business process emergence, and value-based governance for business processes. The interface allows for collective consulting.

What is Fidelis Fintech?

Fidelis Fintech has developed the Fintech token. The Fidelis Digital Bank, Fidelis Club Platform, and Fidelis Exchange are backed by the FDLS tokens. Fidelis tokens have a smart contract on the BEP 20 network. The Fidelis ecosystem accumulates the FDLS tokens and helps in their exchange for different products and services available on the Fidelis Club platform for loyalties and rewards. One can also exchange them for cash over the same platform. This token varies in value and thus can be traded for higher values on the Fidelis Fintech ecosystem.

Fidelis Fintech features

Fidelis platform is the space within which the Fidelis ecosystem operates with its two habitats, loyalty program accounts, and the free markets. The loyal partners of the company will have an account on the loyalty programs account. The free markets will be available to all consumers to trade in the Fidelis tokens.

The market partners can also open purchases to the customers for their loyalty programs on the Fidelis platform thus bringing in communicability between the two habitats.  This can help companies to increase their customer base, diversify products or services and enhance sales for the differentiated product. The customers can also exchange Fidelis tokens for the goods and services available within the marketplace. There is also a Livre Market that operates to strengthen portfolios and thereby induce FDLS valorization.

Supported and restricted countries

Fidelis Fintech is a global organization with offices in various countries. There is little evidence of restriction on Fidelis tokens across nations. Although individual; country restrictions on the trade of cryptocurrency in general, may apply.

Available Exchanges

The Fidelis token will be available on its own exchange platform. Apart from this, Fidelis is listed on Coinsbit Exchange and Probit Exchange. The FDLS token and program are relatively new and yet to grow.


Details regarding fees are currently unavailable as the cryptocurrency is not listed or traded actively anywhere. More details shall come as the cryptocurrency becomes active.

How to use Fidelis Fintech Tokens?

The Fidelis Fintech ecosystem allows investors to accumulate the tokens and get them exchanged for products and services for the Fidelis Club loyalty points or cash on the same platform. The token can vary in value and so can be expected to rise exponentially over the period. Tokens can be earned by consuming Fidelis club products and services for companies registered on the platform, use of the Fidelis digital bank, staking on the Fidelis platform, and trading on the platform. This is possible because every time a company or individual uses the services of the Fidelis Digital Bank or the Exchange Platform, the platform rewards them with the FDLS tokens as a part of their integrated rewards program. Consumers can use this token for trading with the other registered companies on the marketplace or exchange them for cash.

Customer support

Fidelis Fintech has a direct email address to contact in case of any queries or complaints on [email protected]. Apart from this, one can get in touch with them on their various social media channels as below.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/fidelisfintech

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fidelisfintech

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fidelisfint

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fide

Pros & cons


  1. Enhances digital usage and outreach and mobile penetration for businesses
  2. Reduces operational friction of traditional companies
  3. Increases demographic reach and shapes consumer behavior through technology innovation.


  1. New system that would need education on the technical aspects of the use of products and services available on the platform
  2. Transition from traditional to digital loyalty programs might face resistance from businesses that are not adept at technology and have a large existing customer base on the traditional platform.

Affiliate program

There is no explicit affiliate program defined on the company website or the whitepaper. However, one can know more about it by contacting the company directly.

Is Fidelis Fintech safe?

Fidelis Fintech is the first cryptocurrency supporting loyalty programs. Companies will be able to operate their loyalty programs with reduced operational costs. Each transaction carried out at Fidelis will have its hashes that are traceable. Hence, there is more transparency that is comprehended for the loyalty programs. Fidelis has taken possible steps to ensure the safety of its consumers as well as partners. However, the discretion of investing in cryptocurrency is solely dependent on individual discretion.

Why Choose Fidelis Fintech?

Fidelis Fintech is a technology that is bringing rewards programs together under a single platform. The Fidelis platform would allow companies to create a safe environment for their loyalty programs along with lower operating expenses and the benefit of being able to promote other rewards programs. Owners of the Fidelis token can also be used to exchange with other tokens once the token is listed on the exchange.

F.A. Qs

1. Who comprises the core team of the Fidelis Fintech token?

The following team members are a part of the core team of the Fidelis Fintech token. The professionals hail from various professional backgrounds and have expertise in their respective fields of operation and service at Fidelis Fintech.

2. How much is the token ticker and circulating supply of the Fidelis token?

The Fidelis Fintech token is available as FDLS on the BEP 20 Binance Smart Chain. The total supply of the token is 990.000.000 and the circulating supply is 326,000,000.

3. What are the two different habitats of the Fidelis token?

The Fidelis token operates in two basic platforms, the “loyalty program account” and the free “market account”.The loyalty program account is the platform that collates all company details for those who use and abide by the rules of Fidelis Platform. The Free Market account is the place where there is free trade of the Fidelis tokens.

4. What are the different benefits of owning a Fidelis token?

The key benefits associated with the Fidelis token are unlimited validity, non-inflationary quality, and decentralized currency.


In summary, it has been fascinating to note that the Fidelis Platform has been brought about to bridge the gap between the two different worlds of cryptocurrency and the industry of the Loyalty Programs. The Fidelis program will equip industries with easy and safer solutions for their loyalty and rewards programs. They will also take cryptocurrency education to a newer level with the introduction of the Fidelis marketplace and token.