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πŸ’© Cockapoo Token Review – Disrupting the Dog Poop Industry

Are you a dog connoisseur and a crypto investor? Probably, the project that aims at disrupting the dog poop industry and developing an ecosystem-centric on dogs will appeal to you the most. Cockapoo is a blockchain project that offers the best path to profitability based on honesty and transparency as well as eliminates dog waste. Sounds unbelievable and kiddish?

Learn more about the Cockapoo project and its native Cockapoo Token to see the seriousness of the community intentions and the way it will work.

What is Cockapoo


Cockapoo is a new meme-based crypto project that takes a utilitarian approach on the way to profitability and promises long-term and widespread profits to token holders and community members. The project plans to convey real-world utilities and applications to establish tangible value for users, so it works on the development of a mobile application to utilize Cockapoo ($CPOO) token for P2P payments. 


The ecosystem developed by the project community is dog-oriented. According to the data provided on the official website, there are over 83 million pet dogs in the US only, and all of them produce 10.6 million tons of poop annually. Furthermore, dogs are the 3rd major contributor of bacteria in contaminated waters. Therefore, the main mission of the project is to decrease the amount of dog waste and make the world a cleaner place to live in. 

cockapoo mission

How does it work

The mobile application developed by the project is a major tool to normalize and incentivize dog poop removal. The community behind the project plans to clean and sanitize dog parks all around the globe through charitable contributions made by dogs` owners. The last ones can geo tag the location where their pets have pooped allowing other users to get $CPOO tokens for cleaning this area. Not all pet owners clean up after their furry friends and the level of contamination brought about by them grows on a daily basis. Cockapoo team wishes to create a cleaner environment for everyone and reward enthusiasts financially as well as share proceeds with community dog parks too.

In addition to the development of the liquid token called $CPOO that can be used for making payments in the ecosystem, the team also plans to develop an NFT platform for sharing, buying, selling, bidding, and collaborating on NFT projects. It will facilitate interactions with NFT creators and become an extra source of financing for the project.


cockapoo tokenomics

The native token of the Cockapoo project is $CPOO. This is a BEP20 token operating on Binance-Smart-Chain and charging an 8% fee on every transaction made. If you consider this fee too high, see where these $CPOO earnings go:

  • 4% LP Allocation

The team ensures for the project maintains financial integrity via LP allocations and creates tangible underlying value.

  • 2% Static Rewards

The project promotes long-term investment strategies to reward holders with 2% redistributions on every transaction.

  • 1% Burn

This approach is used to create token scarcity and increase value for it to become a tool for long-term investments in the future.

  • 1% Operations & Development

A percentage of the fee is used to stimulate economic activity in the mobile app by increasing trading volume and holder rewards.

Mobile app

Cockapootoken app

Despite being at the development stage, there is enough information about the features and functionality of the mobile app created. It will become a dog-centric ecosystem that allows sending payments in native tokens to other members who agree to remove waste, walk dogs, sit with them and do lots of other dog-related activities. Later updates will make the app more socialized and schedule doggie playdates and much more.

The procedure will look as follows for dog owners:

  1. Tag scoop location.
  2. Choose tip amount.
  3. Make an automatic tip contribution from CPOO

Users will pass through the following stages on the way to the reward:

  1. Find user location and scoop locations on the map.
  2. Request a scoop.
  3. See nearby scoop rewards.

Currently, the app is at a beta-testing project, so users will soon get access to its full functionality.

How to buy $CPOO token

If you want to join the project community and obtain $CPOO token, there are 4 steps to complete on your way:

  1. Download the Trust or MetaMask Wallet app with BSC connected.
  2. Purchase BNB through the app. 
  3. Go to Pancakeswap through the DApps tab.
  4. Swap BNB for $CPOO: click β€˜Select a Currency’ and enter the $CPOO contract address.


Has Cockapoo interested you as an investor? Have a look at the brief gist of its pros and cons.


  • Detailed and clear roadmap;
  • Development team with members from 7 countries;
  • Environmentally friendly mission;
  • Easy-to-use mobile app;
  • Rewards for good deeds;
  • Social NFT platform.


  • High transaction fee;
  • Focus on dog owners.

Is Cockapoo safe?

The fact that the project is at the development stage and there are no real reviews from its users, it is impossible to make the only one conclusion about its safety. Users do not share any personal information and all the transactions are performed through the blockchain, so there is no sense to doubt their security. Naturally, there are always risks associated with smart contracts, so it is better to consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


What is Cockapoo?

This is a utility-based meme-token created to disrupt the dog poop industry and make the environment cleaner.
How does the Cockapoo app work?

Dog owners who don`t wish or have no opportunity to clean after their pets can tag the scoop location and set monetary rewards for people ready to do that.

What is the transaction fee in Cockapoo?

Every transaction is charged a fee of 8% in this ecosystem.

Where can you explore the Cockapoo token?

You can learn more about the token on Tokpie, CoinGecko, CoinCodex, and Azbit.

What ways are used to increase Cockapoo coin value?

There are three approaches used by the development team to add value to $CPOO: compensation P2P payments made through the mobile app, launch of the NFT platform, and charitable contributions.


Cockapoo is a new blockchain project that can hardly boast any alternatives and competitors at the moment as well as numerous Cockapoo reviews. It is fully focused on pet owners, though people who are interested in the tidiness of dog walking areas can benefit from it too. The main mission of the project is to eliminate dog waste, while the main goal is to create the best path to long-term profitability for everyone.