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🇨 Combode Review 2022 – Phi5-based Masternode Cryptocurrency

Do you follow the latest cryptocurrency trends? Are you interested in what coins appear in the market nowadays? One of the latest releases is Combode coin which was introduced only at the end of 2019 and became available for mining only on January 1, 2021. This is a unique coin since the innovative Phi5 algorithm and masternodes technologies are integrated with it. Do you want to learn more about this project?

Look: this Combode review will explain all the basics of the new coin.

Combode overview

Combode is not only a cryptocurrency but also a decentralized digital system which is a fork of the Dash cryptocurrency. The coin was developed to guarantee crypto holders ultimate confidentiality when they transfer both money and information.

Combode is based on the new algorithm known as Phi5. It also makes use of the blockchain-based encrypted data transfer system and is not subjected to any governmental control. This is a masternode token and 30% of all coins are meant for paying rewards to masternode owners.

How does it work?

Combode operates similarly to the Dash coin. It can be mined using only GPU power since it is protected from ASIC mining and stored in the wallets for higher security and comfort. Holders of this token can use it to pay for goods and make other transactions as well as earn profits from masternodes.

Combode features

What makes Combode different from other cryptocurrency? It has a range of features characteristic only of this asset, and here are some of them:

  • Fully decentralized;
  • Built on the basis of a new Phi5 algorithm;
  • No premine or presale;
  • Limited amount;
  • Supports only GPU mining;
  • All the transactions are secured with the PrivateSend feature;
  • Quite short roadmap started only on January 1, 2021.


Combode cryptocurrency is listed as CBE on popular exchanges and it is a proof-of-work token issued in the amount of 18.4 million coins. CBE emission period is 40 years, and a new block is generated every 120 seconds. The mining difficulty changes from block to block and 70% of all Combode coins are available for mining. It is important to say that this coin had no premine and rewards from blocks will face a gradual reduction from 10.00000000 to 1.00000000 CBE.

The amount of coins needed to create a collateral masternode is 5,000 CBE.


CBE mined can be stored in the wallet. Token issuers decided to create three basic wallets that can be downloaded on the official website. There are links to the wallets for Windows, Linux, and MacOS available there.

Where to acquire Combode (CBE) coin

When it comes to the exchanges that list Combode, currently, only one exchange called Bitsails offers CBE-HTC pairs. However, the asset is also available for voting on Txbit and it is waiting for approval from such popular exchanges as Crex24, Stex, Binance, and Tradeogre.


Combode is a newly launched cryptocurrency developed on the Dash platform and meant for securing and anonymizing user transactions, so you won’t find many reviews of it. Its outstanding features are Phi5 algorithm it is based on, masternodes, and the PrivateSend feature applied to all transactions. It is worth remembering that CBE can be only mined and using only computer power, so if you plan to get some coins, prepare to join other miners!