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⛓️ Nokenchain review – Stablenodes and Tokenization

There is hardly any person nowadays who has not heard about blockchain and cryptocurrency and wants to benefit from them too. However, the lack of technical knowledge and experience in the blockchain industry prevents representatives of traditional professions from entering this market. The launch of the Nokenchain project may change this situation drastically since everyone receives an opportunity to develop his own token as easily as a domain name filing. Do you want to learn more and try to get your own token on Nokenchain as well?
Bear with us, this Nokenchain review tells more about the project, its native token, and services to take advantage of.

What is Nokenchain

Nokenchain is a project launched in 2019 by crypto enthusiasts who decided to let everyone get an opportunity to create their own tokens. Anyone including individuals, businesses, artists, entrepreneurs can create tokens as easily as filing domain names without advanced technical skills and experience. Every token created will have specific aspects and associated tools to let everyone fund it or make it worthwhile.

Nokenchain is a community-based project that will once get fully decentralized, autonomous, and it is also planned to arrive at a phase where part of the generated profit will be reinjected into the community to increase the chances of success of the projects. Currently, it focuses on 4 directions including fundraising, development of democratic tools, strengthening links between tokenized people and their communities, and conducting advertising management by tokenization of influencers for brands. The blockchain project is powered by its native token NOKN.

Nokenchain features

If to summarize basic features of Nokenchain, they look as follows:

  • Community-based service (support and advice on the projects);
  • Passive income with stablenodes is 12.50%/year maximum but you can get even more with the nokenbot or yield farming services 
  • Crypto purchases;
  • Blockchain-based marketing services;
  • Mobile-friendly wallet;
  • Creation of tokens, cryptocurrencies (blockchains), websites and applications;
  • Native NOKN coin to support the project.

Nokenchain team

Nokenchain is a project registered in France and developed by a group of crypto professionals. Currently, there are 10 members of the team working on the development of the ecosystem. Most of them are of French origin and experts in their narrow fields who contribute to the general success of their creation. Guillaume THUILLET and Matthieu CHASSAGNE are in charge of the project. They have invited the best industry professionals and advisors to create an ecosystem that can be useful for everyone. 


Nokencoin is a native Nokenchain coin developed to facilitate exchanges in the field of decentralized tokenization and to create a reference index and means of exchange. Known as NOKN this cryptocurrency is based on Waves blockchain featuring WavesNG and Virtual Masternode (Stablenode) protocol. 

There were three public sales of NOKN and currently, the total coin supply is 210 million coins.

Wallets and exchanges

NOKN and other coins are available on the Waves Exchange application and on Vindax. It is possible to access the Waves blockchain if you download the "Waves Exchange" application. This wallet is available on mobile devices powered by Android and iOS and users can manage, receive, send, sell and buy tokens there. You can find links to these wallets on the official website.

NOKN is listed against several cryptocurrencies on the Waves exchange and against BTC, ETH and USDT on Vindax. 

How does it work?

Nokenchain offers customers a number of services based on the blockchain. People who join the ecosystem can receive passive income, get marketing services, buy and sell cryptocurrency, order website and app development solutions, etc. Learn more details about Nokenchain possibilities below


Stablenodes are an equivalent of masternodes in the blockchain developed by Nokenchain. The service offers to stabilize capital and earn income using blockchain. Everyone can purchase a stablenode of his or her choice and get rewards up to 12.5% a year. Rewards are paid out every week and the USD value of the capital is always protected. The first stablenode can be created only in Nokenchain coin, while all subsequent ones can be opened in Waves, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ZCash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Monero


Each of the stablenodes can be purchased in the Shop tab on the upper menu. There are 14 products on sale and the minimum stablenode cost is €50. Next to stablenodes, there is a trial offer of Savings book 3.0 for sale too. The page allows searching by name and filtering products by price too


Tokenizing is the creation and management of an ecosystem where fans, customers, users take part in the adventure because they adhere to the vision and practices of the company, association or institution. There is an opportunity to create a project or token, participate or invest in it. Tokenization helps to highlight products and rely on influencers interested in the brand.

Sites and app 3.0

Nokenchain offers website and app development services for all tokenized projects. It is enough to complete a simple questionnaire to make an order and company representatives will contact you.

Blockchain marketing

Companies and brands can benefit from blockchain marketing thanks to Nokenchain solutions as well. The company offers 3 packages: basic, medium, and elite that differ by the number of services ordered

Crypto purchase

This feature is at the development stage, but Nokenchain plans to offer its customers the possibility to buy the most popular tokens directly within their ecosystem.


What makes Nokenchain outstanding among modern blockchain projects and why can you doubt the necessity to invest in it? Here are the benefits and drawbacks of this crypto project.


  • Possibility to get rewards;
  • The constant development of the project;
  • Different services;
  • Low-cost stablenodes;
  • Support for several cryptocurrencies.


  • Lots of project details are available only in French;
  • Some services advertised are not available;
  • Low soft cap.


Nokenchain is a new blockchain product that tries to simplify the process of token development and make it available to everyone. However, it is not the only service offered by the network since it aims to offer different advantages of blockchain to users and is constantly developing to offer new solutions and services to customers.