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Safedeal: An escrow that Protects one on one Trade in Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency market is regulated by numerous agencies to make sure that deals are safe and frauds are avoided. However, if a person wants to deal one on one, there is no avenue to do the same. He has to go through the exchange platforms and deal with unknown people with a high number of restrictions in trade. Safedeal eliminates these regulatory bodies and allows users to conduct safe one-to-one deals without having to disclose their personal information. 

What is Safedeal

Safedeal is an individual-to-individual trading platform that allows users to exchange their information, files, and cryptocurrency between themselves with complete anonymity and security. The platform does not seek the personal information of its users and allows them to trade freely by removing all intermediaries who restrict anonymous transactions. Safedeal or SFD is the token that funds this platform through the fees charged for use of person-to-person (P2P) trade. All deals on Safedeal are protected by the Escrow account service that allows financial protection and prevents fraudulent trade. 

Safedeal Features

The key features of Safedeal are as below:

1.     Online chat facility that allows users to talk to each other on a real-time basis.

2.     A multi-language platform that provides the convenience of communicating and trading in one’s language.

3.     Account security that is powered by the 2FA.

4.     SMS and Email service to provide notifications for all transactions and alerts.

5.     Rating system for users that ranks the buyers and sellers based on their trustworthiness.

6.     Payment diversity facilitates multiple payment options for traders.

Supported and restricted countries

Safedeal allows users to trade actively from anywhere in the world. However, local governments may apply restrictions to trade in cryptocurrency. Additionally, anonymous person-to-person trade in cryptocurrency is also not approved by many governing bodies.

Available trading pairs

Safedeal tokens can be bought through fiat money and tokens. There are three available trading pairs for Safedeal, SFD/BTC, SFD/ETH and SFD/LTC


Safedeal transactions charge fees on the network on which they are being traded. The exchange on which the token is bought and sold, charges their platform fees and that varies for different platforms. Safedeal does charge some fees to use P2P platform. 


Customer support

Safedeal has a dedicated helpdesk, https://safedeal.freshdesk.com/support/home where any user can raise a ticket and get a resolution to their queries and complaints. They also have a support page on the contact us link. They are also active over their social media platforms. 


Website:  https://safedeal.trade/

Discord:   https://discord.com/invite/D3cD2Rn

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SafeDealP2P

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SafeDealP2P

Telegram: https://t.me/safedealp2p

Affiliate program

Safedeal has partnership programs, marketing packages and an option to join the team. However, there are no clear details of the affiliate programs. One has to email them on the links provided in order to benefit from them.

Pros & cons


  • Safedeal is a dual benefit token. It allows users to make masternodes for daily income generation. It also allows investors to deal over the P2P platform provided by Safedeal. 
  • Safedeal is traded across all major exchanges and has an active social media presence reiterating that it is a popular token.
  • Anonymity on P2P transactions allows safety in transactions.


  1. The Team didn't provide for public access  personal information, but they passed through KYC for developers on crex24.com exchange.
  2. There is no need for KYC on Safedeal P2P. This implies anyone and all kinds of investors can deal on the network. 
  3. Safedeal eliminates intermediaries in P2P transactions. This also increases the risk for investors when there is no external backing in financial deals. At same time the platform has an Escrow service which is aimed at preventing any kind of fraud.

Is Safedeal safe?

Safedeal is a secure place to conduct one on one transactions of files and tokens. It ensures smooth dealing process through its Escrow service. Anonymity also ensures that dealers do not give away their personal information and all their data is secure. However, there is too much reliance on Safedeal for financial deals as they remove external parties from intervening in it. One must do their background check and research prior investing and dealing on any platform or token.

Why Choose Safedeal?

Safe Deal Project has been around for several years. During this time, SFD coin, which is the main financial indicator of the success of this project, has proved to be a fairly stable instrument. The team is constantly working on the project and pleases investors.

Current activities

In the last year, the project team has focused on advanced technologies and the integration of its own blockchain with Ethereum and Binance Chain. The first results of the work have already been shown - Safe Deal Bridge is a decentralized application that allows you to transfer coins from own blockchains to the networks of popular сhains. You can get acquainted with this Dapp at the link: https://bridge.safedeal.trade.

The next step in the development, according to the team, is the transfer of the P2P platform to smart contracts, which will make all deals 100% decentralized and secure, completely eliminating the human factor.


Safedeal is a unique platform for person-to-person transactions in cryptocurrency. They have made sure that investors feel safe and secure while conducting intimate deals. They have an active social media presence and strong marketing programs. They are recognized on major exchanges and have an active customer support system. All these allow sound conviction about the safety of the token and platform provided by Safedeal.